Weight Considerations

Some women are very susceptible to the weight of a necklace and perceive it more as a stone around their neck than as an object of beauty. This can be a subjective feeling but more often than not it is an objective sensation.

The weight of a necklace depends on several factors:
The amount of beads used the necklace can be very long or made of several rows- and the size of the beads.
The weight of the necklace depends on the specific weight of the materials used too. The necklace can be made of heavy stones like malachite or hematite or big beads made of clay.
If for this reason the necklace will not be yours, choose a necklace made of light materials like light wood, amber, or beautiful light plastic (polymer clay) beads, and short of length.

Do realize, a very light necklace, like one made of imitation pearls made of hollow plastic, can perform a wild dance on your bosom because of lack of weight.

The law of gravity does not skip a bead necklace. So after wearing it some time, the heaviest part of the necklace will go down to the middle, without any relation to its place on the necklace.

(Hematite (also spelled haematite) is the heaviest stone used for beads. It has a black brilliant metallic luster when polished and is occasionally seen masquerading as black pearls. The synthetic version of it is called hematine (haematine). This is much softer than hematite, so it is more easily scratched than the natural form of it. Hematine beads we encounter very often and are fabricated and beaded into necklaces in China).

Necklace made of malachite stone and amber imitation plastic beads, length 32.5'' 65cm. Necklace made of hematine and silver color metal beads, China, 1990, length 25'' 50cm. Necklace made of big hand painted clay beads, Tbilisi Georgia, 2010, length 30'' 60cm. Necklace made of different varieties of wooden beads, length 22.5'' 45cm. Necklace made of Baltic amber beads, 1930's, length 22.5'' 45cm. Necklace made of plastic beads, West Germany, 1960's, length 27.5'' 55cm., extension chain 3'' 6cm.

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