Necklaces and age: Old ladies

There are elderly women who want to stay a lady and to continue wearing bead necklaces (why not?) but are hampered by trembling hands, just because of their age or Parkinson's disease, or by stiff hands due to osteoarthritis. Or someone can suffer from a (partial) paralyze of hand and/or arm, which, in fact, is true for all ages.

To enable these women to be beautiful as well, it is preferable for them to choose a bead necklace which has a magnetic clasp and is light of weight, as the magnetic force of these small clasps may be unable to hold heavy necklaces. Ask about it when you want to buy a necklace at a shop or ask for eventual replacement of the regular clasp of your own favorite necklaces.

If impossible, choose a light weight necklace of 24" (60 cm) at least, which due to its length can be put on and off over the head without the need for opening it.

If you want a short necklace anyhow, there is the option of threading the beads on thin elastic plastic thread, or -the diameter of the bead holes permitting- on old fashion round elastic. In due time the thread will become stretched and visible, but there is always the possibility of restringing the beads.

There are women who are engaged in a continuous battle with the clasps. Their suffering, and that of their necklaces, can be relieved in the same manner.

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