Bead Necklaces and Boys

In fact, boys and girls alike, want to wear bead necklaces.
All over the world baby's, toddlers, boys and girls, and grown ups are beautifully decorated with whatever is considered beautiful, and bead necklaces play an important part in it. It is the current western culture which makes it so difficult for the men, and it is an impossible task to explain to the little ones why they should not wear bead necklaces.
So let's go with it and never forbid a boy to wear a bead necklace or to make his own necklace like girls do.

For the youngest ones we can choose a bead necklace made of bold colored wooden or plastic beads, or containing beads in multiple shapes of e.g. animals, so the necklace can be very "masculine". A necklace in the colors of the national flag may be a nice solution as well.

I am sure you can surprise many a young man with a necklace made of fish vertebrae or beads made of bone or horn of the water buffalo (from India).

The addition of a tooth of a bear or shark, real or not, can add a lot to the power of the necklace. For vegetarians, you or the receiver, you can give a necklace made of other materials like stone or glass beads in meaningful colors with or without an amulet or talisman attached to it.

Necklace for boys made of bleached, dyed and with eye motif carved bone beads, with carved decorated bone animal toothlike pendant, India, 1990's, length necklace 19'' 48cm., pendant 2'' 4.5cm. Vintage necklace for boys in hippie style, made of clay beads, Peru, 1960's, length necklace 19'' 48cm., pendant 1.5'' 4cm. Necklace for boys made of fish vertebrae and wooden beads from Salvatierra, Mexico, length 18'' 45cm. Necklace for boys made of macrame with wooden beads and coconut wood pendant, length necklace 17.5'' 44cm., pendant 1'' 2.5cm.

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