Necklace Style: Choosing the Style of the Bead Necklace

What kind of style you are looking for?

Modest, showily, artistic, ethnic or super elegant, just to mention some possibilities. The clothes we wear, and the accompanying jewelry we choose, can change from day tot day and even from hour to hour. They are part of and a statement about our personality and our mood at a given moment.

Much of our choices depends on our personal taste, but do believe me, in most cases the preferred style, the colors and color combinations of the beads, and the materials the bead necklaces are made of, are heavily influenced by current fashion trends. And these in turn are part of the style preferences in art and architecture, and the way of life in general, during a specific time period.

The social circumstances the outfit and subsequently the bead necklace is intended for influence the style you choose as well. Except for the very young and the "artistic" type, most women wear something different when shopping at the market than when attending a wedding or other festive event.
Wearing comfort has to be taken into account and this too is influenced by the occasion your outfit is intended for.
If you are the type of woman who wears the same clothes all days, at daytime and evening, summer and winter, your stock of bead necklaces can be very limited. I doubt you are like that.
So if you have different clothes, you need a lot of different bead necklaces and dare to appear in different styles.

Modest necklace of gold color beads and imitation pearls on gold color chain, made in Korea, length 24'' 60cm. Showily vintage necklace made of plastic beads, Germany, 1960's, length inner row 18'' 46cm., outer row 20.5'' 52cm., extension chain 2'' 6cm. Artistic necklace made of Indian chevron beads and Korean silk beads, ca.1990, length 17'' 43cm. Vintage necklace made of different wood beads, small glass beads and shells, with in folk art style hand painted wooden fish, Bali, length necklace 31'' 80cm., fish length 4'' 12cm., height 2'' 6cm. Elegant three strand vintage necklace made of aurora borealis black crystal beads and pearly coated glass beads, Germany, early 1960's, length inner row 14.5'' 37cm., outer row 18'' 46cm.

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