Periodical Check-Up of Your Bead Necklaces

Perform a regular check-up of your bead necklaces. (If you link it to regular checking-up of your breasts and vice versa, your necklaces even can save you life!)
As soon as you see a loose thread you know that your necklace is in danger.
If you see a little bit of the beading thread it is a sign of the thread becoming stretched, subsequently less strong and more friction of the beads on the thread is possible which causes even more damage. Stretching of the different beading materials occurs very often and bead necklaces which are stored by using them as a decoration for your walls are especially prone to it. You can use nice pictures of beautiful necklaces in stead if you have to.
Are you the lucky owner of knotted necklaces like strands of pearls or beads of other expensive materials, pay special attention to these knots. If the knots become irregular, loose, fluffy, or at certain places more space is visible between the beads, it is a sign of a stretched thread and restringing is necessary. If the knots are just grubby-looking, the same can be said. Women who "play" with their knotted necklaces tend to loosen the threads sooner than do those who leave them alone.

Like a hole in your teeth, these problems never disappear on their own.
If you wait too long with the restringing it might not be necessary any more at all...

If stones are used in your necklaces, glued or prone-set, look for lost ones and have them replaced as well which in most cases can be done easily.

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