How to Determine the Price Value of a Bead Necklace

One of the most important issues when choosing a bead necklace is its price!
Although no definitive answer can be given about a specific bead necklace, some general rules are worthwhile to know:

What is the intrinsic value of the materials used?
There exist astonishing cheap materials like some of the plastic beads and the tiny glass beads, but very expensive ones as well like golden beads, the more expensive pearls, and gemstone beads. The clasps and other findings can be made of very expensive materials too.

How much material is used and the quality of it:
This is determined by the size of the beads, the length of the necklace and the number of rows the of the bead necklace. Just imagine before your eyes the difference between a necklace made of one row of beads or one that is composed of two up till even six rows!
Also the quality of the materials, the beads and the findings, is of utmost importance.

How much work is involved and the quality of it:
Are the beads hand-made or machine-made? Are the beads very intricate and hand made or machine made and lack a good finish? As more work is involved to make the beads, as more expensive they are. Is the bead necklace hand-knotted or machine- knotted? A graduated bead necklace, strung with care, is more expensive than a necklace of non-graduated beads. As more beads of different sizes are used, as more expensive the necklace.

Uniqueness and complexity of design:
Is the necklace one of a kind, designed and made by an artist, or are we looking at a mass produced one, made of mass produced beads and sold by the millions all around the world? How intricate is the design? The more beads are used in a complex pattern needing stringing without mistakes, the more money will be demanded.

The selling location:
Be aware of the location you are when considering to buy a bead necklace. That location affects its price very much because prestigious surroundings always add to the cost. If you buy a bead necklace at a village market or in a luxury shop in the center of a big city, the price of the same necklace will be completely different.

The origin of the bead necklace:
The country of origin:
The country of origin of the necklace affects its price like all other commodities:
A bead necklace made in Europe or the USA is about 5 till 10 times more expensive than about the same from other countries in the world. Everything depends on the wages demanded and profits expected, a well known phenomenon nowadays in this time of globalization...
The workshop/factory and firm of origin:
A signed necklace to be sold by a well known mode firm can be about five times more expensive than that same necklace sold unsigned or without tag!
(The signed part has nearly always to be sought around or in the clasp)
Even if the firm is completely unknown, a signed necklace tends to be more expensive than an unsigned one. On the other hand, this does not say anything about the quality of it. Unsigned necklaces can be of the highest quality as well.

Fashion influences on the price:
Is the necklace part of the latest fashion trends or not?
Like the high prices of clothes which are part of the latest fashion, the same holds for bead necklaces. When there is big demand the price goes up, you do not have to learn economy for it. Regional differences affect prices and trends are constantly changing so a beautiful necklace from some time ago you can purchase for less money.

The condition of the necklace:
Here again we have different aspects to look at.
The beads have to be in good condition, well finished and not broken.
The necklace has to be well strung, without mistakes, with good and solid finish around the clasp and the beading material has to be invisible if it is not a part of the design.
The necklace has to be clean and subsequently has to evoke appetite for wearing it.

Some general remarks:
If you want to buy a bead necklace of specific materials and or specific design, learn some things about it by heart, do shopping and compare prices and do realize that quality always has a price.
If the necklace will be very expensive go to a well known and reliable address.
If the price is not extremely high, do not look at the necklace as an investment of your money even if this is possible too. Ask yourself if you really want the necklace, if it "moves" you and let the esthetical pleasure it gives you being your guide. The beauty of a bead necklace should be treasured, enjoyed, and the necklace should be worn with great satisfaction and feeling, things much more important than its price.

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