The Quality of the BeadWork

If you consider buying a bead necklace or doing a periodical check-up of your bead necklaces: have a good look at the beadwork!

In fact the "fit" of a necklace depends on three different factors:
The configuration of the wearer, the effect of gravitation and last but not least the beadwork.
The beadwork has to be supple.
Have a critical look if the beadwork is not done with too much force on the thread and is too stiff, or is done not enough tight so the thread is visible around the clasp.
A bead necklace made of big beads has to show a little bit of the thread if we want it to fit neatly around the throat. In contrast: a newly threaded necklace made of tiny irregular formed (baroque) beads has to be finished tightly because in due time these beads will interact with each other and take as less place on the threat as possible.

Check the necklace for beading errors. If the bead necklace has a formal, symmetrical design the easiest way is to lift the closed necklace at its clasp and compare both half sides with each other. If they show a clear cut difference or you get the feeling of "something is wrong" than most probably a beading error has been made. Sometimes this "wrong" impression is based on the use of beads of different lengths.

If the bead necklace has an asymmetrical design the weight of the beads used on both sides has to be identical. This is more difficult to determine. If not, or a grave beading error has been made, gravity pulls merciless the heaviest part down and the necklace does not fit around the neck as was intended.
A beading error of a very tiny or light bead has no implication on the weight, it has a kind of charm as it is evidence of the bead necklace being hand-made.
On markets bead necklaces are often sold at a bargain price because of beading errors.

Too stiff beaded vintage beadwork necklace made of black partially Aurora Borealis glass beads, m.p.West Germany, 1950's, length necklace 12'' 31cm., length extension chain 2.5'' 6.5cm. A missing bead in a necklace of faux pearls made of graduated pearl coated glass beads, ca.1950's, length 18'' 45cm. A missing bead in a necklace made of flat palm wood and other wooden beads on plastic monofilament beading thread (so called fishing line), length 22'' 56cm. A very asymmetric old necklace for a child of flat red Islamic ''Hajj'' Czech molded glass beads and amulet pendant, from the Middle East, length necklace 13'' 34cm., pendant 1'' 3cm. A button and loop closure is used as fastener.

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